Sinfonietta String Festival May 2018


Another excellent night of performances.  Great collaboration with the percussionists.  Videos from the night are shown below.

Elementary School Performances

–Amherst St Strings

–Mount Pleasant Strings

–Bicentennial Strings

–Dr. Crisp Strings

–Birch Hill Strings

Intermediate Sinfonietta


–Appalachian Hymn

–African Adventure

Advanced Sinfonietta

–Baroque Fanfare

–Concerto in C Major


–Night on Bald Mountain

Sinfonietta String Festival 2018 Finale

–Ode to Joy

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Sinfonietta String Festival makes the paper

The Sinfonietta String Festival 2018 made the front page of the Nashua Telegraph!!TelegraphMay14P1TelegraphMay14P2

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Harvard Orchestra string players visit Mount Pleasant

Emily and Brandon are Harvard Orchestra string players and they visited the Mount Pleasant strings students.  Everyone had a great time.


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Harvard String Quartet Visits Amherst Street School

Harvard String Quartet Visits Amherst Street in February 2018AmherstSTStudentsQuartetatAmherstStcrop

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Dr. Crisp School Violin introduction

Thirty Dr. Crisp students tried out a violin at a Sinfonietta String Quartet performance and demonstration for the 21st Century after school program at Dr. Crisp School – March 30, 2018DrCrispDemo2crop.png

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Raluca reaching students one by one at Amherst St School

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Sinfonietta Strings February 2018 Concert

Great performances by everyone.  It was also great to see the collaboration between Sinfonietta Strings and the Nashua North Chorus.


Finale from Symphony No. 5



Allegro from Concerto in D minor for two violins

Holly and Ivy

Two Grenadiers


Kyrie, from Schubert Mass in G (with Nashua North Chorus)

The Snow (Nancy, Lynn and the Nashua North Chorus)

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Sinfonietta Strings accompanies Nashua North Chorus in “Just the Classics”



Below is a link to a video of the Nashua North Chorus and Sinfonietta Strings performing together on this same night.

Nashua North Chorus and Sinfonietta Strings perform Schubert Mass in G



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2017 Winter Concerts


Mount Pleasant


Dr Crisp


Amherst St


Birch Hill


Birch Hill

Deborah Markow and Dr. Crisp students

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2017 Holiday House Tour


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