Sinfonietta Strings accompanies Nashua North Chorus in “Just the Classics”



Below is a link to a video of the Nashua North Chorus and Sinfonietta Strings performing together on this same night.

Nashua North Chorus and Sinfonietta Strings perform Schubert Mass in G



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2017 Winter Concerts


Mount Pleasant


Dr Crisp


Amherst St


Birch Hill


Birch Hill

Deborah Markow and Dr. Crisp students

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2017 Holiday House Tour


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Nashua Education Foundation fundraiser


Students performed beautifully at Barnes and Noble on Thursday November 30th for the Nashua Education Foundation fundraiser

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Sinfonietta Strings in the Telegraph October 2017

Sinfonietta students Andre Ostaudelafont, Tiffany Tejeda, Kenny Reel and Ava Malorzo were interviewed for a feature article in The Telegraph.  Allison Frye and Logan Lovett are featured in the picture.  Click the link below for full article.


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Sinfonietta Strings Festival, May 2017

The links below will allow you to view videos from the May 15th concert.  Enjoy.


Elementary School Performances (combined)

Intermediate Sinfonietta Strings performances

Sweet Land of Liberty

Off to see the wizard

Hunting Song

Abandoned Funhouse

4 Violin Ensemble

4 violin ensemble

Advanced Sinfonietta Strings performances


Ashokan Farewell


Finale – Ode to Joy

Ode to Joy

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Nashua School District Art Month

Sinfonietta students perform at the Nashua School District Art Month


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Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra visits Sinfonietta Students at Bicentennial

Please click the link below to see a nice write up about the continued partnership between HRO and Sinfonietta Strings of Greater Nashua

Harvard-Radcliffe Orchestra visits Bicentennial

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PostCards from Russia (view from the back)

Here is a short video taken during practice before the concert

PostCards from Russia


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Sinfonietta Strings February Concert part two

Here are the links to the remaining 6 songs from the concert on February 6th.

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

In the Bleak Midwinter


Come Together

Postcards from Russia


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