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Sinfonietta Strings of Greater Nashua is launching its 2019-20 campaign “Changing Lives” to give students from all economic and cultural backgrounds an opportunity to learn to play a string instrument. The program offers students an emotional and creative outlet. Students learn how to focus and that working together brings great success. This year over 140 students thrive in a cooperative environment through music.

In the Nashua Public Schools, SInfonietta Strings complements the band program in five ways:

  1. 12-18 students at each school receive weekly violin/viola/cello lessons in groups of 3
  2. 50 students participate in an after school string ensemble for advanced and/or older students
  3. Each students plays in a concert at least twice/yearly
  4. 40 students enjoyed “Sinfonietta Summer Week”, a week long summer camp.
  5. Teachers are professional violinists with many years of teaching/performing experience.

Funded mostly through grants and individual donations, there is no cost to the school district other than the use of its buildings. For group lessons, there is a nominal tuition cost of $30/year for students from Title 1 schools and $125/year for students from other schools. Instruments are provided to students at Title 1 schools free of charge, other school students rent instruments.

This year (2018-19) we have added a sixth elementary school (New Searles) receiving weekly group lessons. The participating schools are: Amherst Street, Bicentennial, Birch Hill, Dr. Crisp, New Searles and Mount Pleasant.  Amherst Street, Dr. Crisp and Mount Pleasant elementary schools are Title 1 schools, where a great majority of the students are on free or reduced lunch and breakfast.  With money raised by Sinfonietta Strings, these schools house 15 instruments needed for its program. We also provide group lessons to middle school and high school students that started in the program while in elementary school.

Our long range goal is to reach all twelve elementary schools in Nashua and continue the training through high school by developing a high school orchestra program and a regional youth symphony. We appreciate your generous support of Sinfonietta Strings.



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